Breed Profiles would like to welcome you to our website. Come on in and look around.  You can print an order form directly from our site, then just fill it out as you browse our wonderful books.

This is a website for wholesale orders.  There are no minimums to buy, and shipping is fast with tracking. You can sell these books at book stores, gift shops, pet stores, pet shows, pet expos, rescue events, county fairs, children events, museums, festivals or even by mail or the internet. Start as big or small as you like. They make great gifts, souvenirs, awards, prizes and raffle items.

All books are sent directly from my publisher. I personally will place your order with them. This saves on shipping charges, by not having the books sent to me and then sent to you.   You can also find these books in the Ingram and Baker & Taylor catalogs or ask your book distributor about ordering any of the books.

None of the books have a printed price on them.  I have listed the suggested retail prices, but you are free to charge whatever you like. Wholesale price of each book is $ 4.97

Feel free to browse my site.  Ask any questions that you may have and subscribe to my mailing list for updates and special offers.

I thank you for considering my books to sell and offer to your customers.


Gail Forsyth



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